Thailand Trademark

Registering a Trademark in Thailand

Registering a trademark provides legal protection against counterfeiting and infringement of your intellectual property. A registered trademark greatly strengthens your ability to enforce your rights, as well as ensuring that you are not unknowingly infringing on a trademark held by another.

Although Thai law generally recognizes foreign trademarks, at best they provide only limited protection. Thailand is not closely bound by international conventions or treaties providing reciprocal enforcement with regard to trademarks. Only by registering a Thai trademark can you truly be assured of your rights. Whilst this process can be lengthy, the good news is that your trademark is protected from the day the application is submitted.

An applicant for a trademark must have a fixed place of business in Thailand. Non-resident applicants can only register a trademark by appointing an agent who is a Thai resident and granting them a power of attorney. Trademark applications must also be completed in Thai language.

Before we submit your application we must first perform a trademark search to ensure that a similar mark has not already been registered. Upon subsequent submission the Trademark Registrar may seek explanations, statements and opinions from us on your behalf. Our prompt and careful attention to such requests greatly increases the likelihood of a timely and successful outcome.